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Episode 1 - Smith and Jones. What species of alien is it the Judoon are searching the hospital for?
Episode 2 - The Shakespeare Code. What is the last word used in Shakespeare's banishing speech?
Episode 3 - Gridlock. What colour does The Doctor say the grass on Gallifrey is?
Episode 4 - Daleks In Manhatten. What is the name of the group of Dalek's working in New York?
Episode 5 - Evolution Of The Daleks. What is the name of the Dalek who sacrifices himself for The Doctor?
Episode 6 - The Lazarus Experiment. Who does Lazarus's wife mention just before Lazarus begins to transform?
Episode 7 - 42. What temperature does Martha set the machine to in order to save The Doctor?
Episode 8 - Human Nature. What female character does The Doctor/John Smith draw in his diary?
Episode 9 - The Family Of Blood. Where did The Doctor trap the little girl from The Family?
Episode 10 - Blink. How many DVD's is The Doctor on?
Episode 11 - Utopia. What does Jack have in his bag?
Episode 12 - The Sound Of Drums. What song does The Master put on after yelling 'Here come the drums'?
Episode 13 - Last Of The Timelords. What 'weapon' was used along with the Archangel Network to defeat The Master in the end?

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