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Episode 1 - Rose. What time does Rose get up from bed at the start?
Episode 2 - End Of The World. What is the name of the villain in this episode?
Episode 3 - The Unquiet Dead. Which actress in this episode later goes on to play a character in Torchwood?
Episode 4 - Aliens Of London. Which character in this episode later goes on to join Torchwood?
Episode 5 - World War Three. What does The Doctor ask Rose after Jackie mixes the vinegar into a bowl?
Episode 6 - Dalek. When the Dalek crashed on Earth where was it found?
Episode 7 - The Long Game. What is the name of the character Simon Pegg plays?
Episode 8 - Fathers Day. What colour is Pete Tyler's car?
Episode 9 - The Empty Child. What question does the boy in the gas mask keep asking?
Episode 10 - The Doctor Dances. What did the doctor joyously shout at the end of the episode?
Episode 11 - Boom Town. On the sign in the train station it said in Welsh: Caerdydd Canolog. What does this mean?
Episode 12 - Bad Wolf. Finish the quote: No weapons, no defences....
Episode 13 - The Parting Of Ways. What was the tenth doctors first word?

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