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Forced Order
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What is Clark Kent's job?
Lutessa is the sister of which Villain?
Green, Yellow & Black are types of what power accessory?
Who is Hal Jordan's arch enemy?
Alfred is the butler of which hero?
Which Villain is famously known for being a hired mercenary?
Which hero mainly prevents crime in Bludhaven?
Which villain was formerly known as 'Red Hood'
Name one of the male characters who is known as 'Kid Flash'
Which Villain is credited for being the only Villain to have 'Broken The Bat'
Billy Batson is the real name of which hero?
Which DC Character was notoriously known for being a jewel thief?
Victor Stone is the name of which hero?
Which Villain was named after a nursery rhyme?
Carter and Shiera are better known as which Heroes?
..Frances Quinzel are the last names of which Villain?
Who is known as Princess Diana of Themyscira?
Name a Kryptonian famous for being one of Superman's arch enemies
Which Hero is often said to be like Robin Hood?
Which Villain is also the God Of War?
Trigon is the father of which Hero?
Teth-Adam is the original form of which Villain?
Mera is the wife of which Hero?
Which Villain with the ability to manipulate ice is a Nemisis of The Flash?
What type of animal is Krypto?
What is the full first name of Superman's arch enemy?
Alan Scott, John Stewart and Hal Jordan are all better known as who?
Apokolips is the home planet of which Villain?
Who is otherwise known as Oracle?
Which Hero's powers come from an Alien Scarab?
What is the name of the character who became the second Robin?
Joker is also known as the '_____ Prince Of Crime'
Which Hero and key member of the JLA is able to violate certain laws of physics?
Julian Day is also known as who?
Which Hero is able to sonic screech?
Kara is the cousin of which Hero?
Who turned Victor Stone into Cyborg to save his life?
Which Hero and Villain formed an unlikely friendship which ended in the Villan dying?
Garfield Lynns is the real name of which pyromaniac Villain?
What other names does the character Roy Harper go by?
What race is Wonder Woman?
Superman famously has a statue, where?
What is Oliver Queen's middle name?
What role does Aquaman have in Atlantis?
What branch of science does Harley Quinn have a doctrate in?
What type of Kryptonite temporarily removes a Kryptonians powers?
Which of these is not a DC Character: Power Girl, Booster Gold, Jimmy Olsen, Havok, Detective Chimp
Amanda Waller runs which covert team?
What is the name of Oliver Queen's company?
What does DC stand for?

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