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'Breaking my Back, just to know your name. Seventeen tracks and I've had it with this game.'
'I woke on the roadside. In the land of the free ride.'
'Fill the night with stories. The legend grows. Of how you got lost but you made your way back home'
'Always here, always on time. Close call, was it love or was it just easy.'
'I don't wanna be kept, I don't wanna be caged, I don't wanna be damned, oh hell. I don't wanna be broke,I don't wanna be saved, I don't wanna be SOL.'
'And you know, I might of just flown too far from the floor, this time, 'cause they're calling me by my name.'
'They got their make ups and dreams of Wonderland. Sprinkled inside their heads.'
'In 61', long brown hair, foolish eyes. You look just like you want him to, some kind of slick crom american Prince.'
'Pay my respects to grace and virtue. Send my condolences to good. Hear my regards to soul a romance, they always did the best they could. And so long to devotion, you taught me ev
'There's nothing I can say. There's nothing I can do now.'
'We've seen it all. Bonfires of trust, flash floods of pain.'
'I wanna go out tonight. Come a little closer to the city lights.'
'Red white and blue upon a bithday cake. My brother he was born on the 4th of july and that's all.'
'But she's an angel for sure. She just can't stop telling lies.'
'Candy talks to strangers, thinks her life is in danger and no gives a damn about her hair'
'I got up with a friend in Dallas. We took a trip to New Orleans.'
'She's touching his chest now. He takes off her dress now.'
'On the mess with the boys who think you're alone. With the pain that you drain from love.'
'I took my baby's breath, beneath the chandelier. Of stars and atmosphere.'
'On one hand I got myself to blame. But on the other, it's always the same.'
'Matthew has got a big idea. And he's gonna take it out on me.'
'Tell me what you wanna know. Oh come on, oh come on, oh come on.'
'You play forgiveness. Watch it now, here he comes.'
'Your last chance to buy a go-go dance to disco now. Forget what they said in Soho.'
'And if you only knew just how I took my time I'm going to take it off. I am going to make you'
'She was begging in a pleat screaming 'por favor'. Mi cumpleaños, stay with me. Baby, It's cold outside.'
'Oh Jennifer, you know I always dry. Before you say goodbye.'
'Bless your body, bless your soul. Reel me in and cut my throat. Underneath the water fall, we're still in this...Oh yeah.'
'But there's something I wanna say. I love her too.'
'So turn it up, take me down from the wall.'
'She's always taken by his reputation. He's so bad, he's so bad.'
'Boy, one day you'll be a man. Oh girl, he'll help you understand.'
'I wanna stand up. I wanna let go. You know, you know, no, you don't, you don't.'
'Tragic eyes. I can't even recognize myself behind.'
'I scramble online and I know that I will never be common will.'
'Run for the hills before they burn. Listen to the sound of the World and watch it turn.'
'The things that I did wrong. I bet you got a list.'
'Let me wrap myself around you. Let you show me how I see.'
'Down to the ocean. It's only water and sand and in the ocean we'll hold hands.'
'Party's over kid. Because I...because I got a bullet in my gun.'
'The day is breaking, we're still here. Your body's shaking, and it's clear '
'Send me away. I'm here on my own'
'Last time I said I was in control. I had 25 debts and we both know'

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