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Forced Order
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Which alien is from the planet Galvan Prime?
Who created the Omnitrix?
What is the name of the group composed of Ben's enemies and led by the Forever King?
What is Ben's secret fear?
Who is Ben's strongest alien form?
Which villain conducts experiments on animals and mutates them into hideous monsters?
What is the name of Grandpa Max's former partner who later betrayed them?
What alien is evil and got stuck in the Omnitrix?
Who is the only alien who doesn't speak English?
What is Ben's middle name?
Which alien is a Tetramand?
Which alien is most plant-like?
Can Heatblast fly?
Who is the only alien with wings?
What video game is Ben obsessed with?
From whom does Gwen get a spell book from?
Which alien does Gwen commonly refer to as 'dog breath'
Who does Ben first transform into?
What are the names of the two bullies at Ben's school?
Which of Ben's aliens is the tallest (appears infrequently)

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