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Can you name the Chuck characters by their first line?

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Forced Order
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Line Character
'Morgan this is a bad idea'
'I hope I'm not interrupting'
' Well we can't stay here Chuck'
' OK I've identified some candidates for Chuck'
'Chuck what are you doing?'
'Bryce Larkin was CIA, Graham he was one of your agents'
'Don't move'
'Time to say goodbye'
'and the king was free and the castle was restored and the frost queen returned home once more'
'Who's already here Chuckles'
'No I've been through it, it's dead, totally fried'
'What if you were the unwitting target of a ninja vendetta and he returns tonight'
Line Character
'Didn't think you'd apply'
'Chuck, Chuck Bartowski I know'
'and it was the NSA's job to find him'
' Do you take cream?'
'Thank you for your very kind words of introduction Michael'
'Chuck! 5 minutes do you know what 5 minutes means in Buy More dollars'
'Chuck, it's too late Chuck its over'
'Hey, welcome to RI, never wash that hand'
'I hate to make a scene but I will rip your throat outh with this plastic fork'
' 300 hundred agents all over the world'
'Please help yourself'

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