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The main protagonist of the series
The class tomboy; huge fan of wrestling
A child prodigy; known as 'smart girl'
The best athlete at Third Street
The overweight, yet philosophical poetry lover
The new student as Third Street; known as 'new kid'
The gang's constant nemesis; typical old lady authoritarian figure
The principal at Third Street
A snitch at Third-Street school.
The shop-keeper of the local corner store
A character who's first and last name always make him first when the students are alphabetically called
A character who has a talent for visual art; a background character only mentioned in two episodes
The leader of a group of four gossip girls.
Second in command of the four gossip girls
The only member of four gossip girls who appears in the main protagonists class
The last member and least talkative of the group of gossip girls
Bitten by the lizard that he got from a trade
Parents of number 2
Fifth grade bully who did not receive Mikey haircut, even though he wanted one
The seemingly omnipresent keeper of chilling tales of when his older brother was in school.
Leader of the safety rangers
The thought to be cool, nerdy old brother of number 4
The meanest bully of the fifth grade, who number 4 stands up to
A bully known for bully number 6 and number 26
Army father of number 6
A younger girl, known for her soft voice and sweetness
A kid whom is often use for his ability to cry on command
Two friends who spend all of recess digging holes
A new snitch who only appears in one episode to take over number 9's position
A rather minor character who often appears to switch between fifth and sixth graders
A very strong sixth grader and only speaks in one episode.
Also known as Tiny Sedgewick, spends recess inside.
A fifth grade bully who often bullies number 6
The only character who does not like number 1
The giver of buddhist-like advice and wisdom
A boy who offers the children of the playground trivial items, often discretely.
A boy who fell in love with number 3
The soccer playing fifth grader who can bounce a ball off his head
The leader of the kindergarteners; has a purple mess around his mouth
A kindergartner used by the gang in the Kindergarten Derby
A very fast Kindergartner used by the King of the playground
A kindergartener who always wears pajamas; calls number 6 'safety man'
An overweight kindergartener whom befriends number 5
The King of the playground though-out the majority of the series
The King of the playground following the rule of number 44
The worst kid in school; a gluttonous slob.
A big and fat fifth grade bully who does not appear often
The dim-witted leader of all the fifth grade bullies; rivals number 4
The fifth worst kid at school; does not get enough sleep and therefore always appears dozing off
A kid only referred to in stories who falls victim to mysterious mishaps
The mayor of town
A girl in the main protagonists class whom has pigtails; only a background character
The child assistant to the school secretary; spends most of the day in the office.
Teacher of the main protagonists class
The school's secretary
A bad kid who is the second worst kid in school; however in one episodes decides to try and giver up doing bad things
A younger student who continuously followers people around whilst eating a peanut butter sandwich; also known to be a jinx
A student in the main protagonists class who wears a boy scout uniform
An assistant to the King, whose job it is to write things down for the King
A fictional comic book hero of the main protagonist
Known as the third worst kid in school; likes to write graffit
A tall boy who has blond hair, a red shirt, and blue pants; very minor character in the fifth grade
A boy who number 33 used to bully for bullying number 6
A boy with terrible luck mostly because he meddles with unknown powers; causing people to 'never see () again'
A girl who is the fourth worst kid in school
A minor character in the sixth grade; a brainy girl
A character who spends all of recess on the swing-set
A rich benefactor of third street school; grandson of the namesake of Third Street
Girl who continuously appears hanging upside down
Superintendent of the school distract
A background student in the main protagonists class; often seen alongside number 34

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