0.999... The Truth!

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What do I do?Do the math!
We'll start off with 0.333... (there are infinite threes after the point) Understand?
Now, tell me what FRACTION 0.333... is (when cancelled down)
Okay, so multiply 0.333... by 3 now.
Now, multiply your fraction (second answer) by 3. (Keep the same denominator!)
So, those last two answers... are they EQUAL, or UNEQUAL? (Hint: they start off the same, and you multiply them by the same amount)
But wait, that fourth answer there... what WHOLE NUMBER is that equivalent to?
So, your third answer and sixth answer are... (EQUAL or UNEQUAL?)
But but, that can't be! We are saying that 0.333... multiplied by 3 =
Isn't that AMAZING?

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