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Name the class each Dragon Nest Skill belongs to. (I will give you both the SEA and NA versions)

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Forced Order
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Hawk Ballista / Revolutionary Ballista
Furious Winds / Spiral Vortex
Time Stop / Time Resurrection
First Aid
Vengeance Blast / Holy Wave
Gravity Trap / Slow Area
Falling Star / Spiral Edge
Elemental Aura
Guided Missles / Guided Shot
Butterfly Float / Top Spinning
Luring Slice / Hemorrahage
Icy Gust / Frost Wind
Triple Slash
Detonate / Electric Detonation
Frenzied Charge / Line Drive
Blessing of Strikes / Striking
Spectrum Ray / Spectrum Shower
Eagle Dive / Eagle's Descent
Siege Stance
Shatter / Icy Fraction
Fast Forward / Time Interruption
Sacred Hammering
Roll Attack / Rolling Attack
Chilling Mist
Moonlight Splitter
Cleaving Gale / Whirl Typhoon
Bombs Away / Circle Bomber
Heart of Glory / Divine Avatar
Hot Rod / Flame Load
Walking Target / Bulls Eye
Taunting Howl
Charitable Zap / Lightning Charger

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