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UMass has several other campuses across Massachusetts. Name the town or city of any of these campuses.Dartmouth, Boston, Lowell, Worcester
Name any two of the three school colors.

Maroon, Black, White
In what year (within 10 years) was the University established? 1863
UMass Amherst is a member of the Five College Consortium. Name any of the other members.Amherst College, Smith College, Mount Holyoke College, Hampshire College
Julius 'Dr. J' Erving is an alumnus of UMass Amherst. Name any of the NBA or ABA teams he played for. Philadelphia 76ers, New York Nets, Virginia Squires
Nobel Laureate Russell Alan Hulse is an alumnus of UMass Amherst. He won for the discovery of the first binary pulsar. In what field did he receive his Nobel Prize?Physics
What are the athletic teams named?

Minutemen and Minutewomen
Name any of the Residential Areas on campus.

Southwest, Northeast, Orchard Hill, Central, Sylvan, North Apartments, Lincoln Apartments, Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community
Jack Welch is an alumnus of UMass Amherst (where he studied chemical engineering). Which company was he chairman and CEO of from 1981 to 2001?General Electric
Jonathan Quick played collegiate hockey at UMass Amherst. What NHL team does he play for?Los Angeles Kings
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UMass Amherst is home to the tallest library in North America. For which American sociologist, historian, writer, and civil rights activist is this library named?W.E.B. Du Bois
Which NCAA Division I Conference is UMass Amherst part of?

Atlantic 10
Name the county Amherst is located in.

Hampshire County
Name any of the towns that border Amherst.

Hadley, Sunderland, Leverett, Shutesbury, Pelham, Belchertown, Granby, South Hadley
What is the name of the mascot for UMass Amherst?Sam the Minuteman
Bill Pullman is a UMass Amherst alumnus who has acted in many films and TV shows. One of his early notable roles was that of Lone Starr in what satirical movie? Spaceballs
What was the original name of the University? Massachusetts Agricultural College
What is the name of the daily newspaper published at UMass Amherst? The Massachusetts Daily Collegian
UMass Amherst is home to the DEFA Film Library, the only archive and study collection in the United States of films from what former country?East Germany
Name the UMass Amherst alumna who is known for hit songs such as 'Our Love', 'This Will Be', and 'Inseparable'.Natalie Cole

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