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Can you put together the character profile of Dr.Frank-N-Furter?

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Full Name



From the Planet...

From the Galaxy...

Has a tattoo of a heart and dagger with this word written above it
Who he wanted to be dressed the same as when he was a child
Song he is introduced by

Although he proclaims to not be 'much of a man, by the, light of day', by night he asserts he is...
Known Lover who wears glasses

Known Lover who beat the other girls to the bride's bouquet
Known Lover who was a regular Frankie fan, until it was over when he started workin' on a muscle man
Known Lover who is later cannibalized
Husband (and the man he created)

Domestic Servant



How long is takes him to make you a man
Person whose brain he used half of to make a man
He then murders the above person with this weapon
Pursued by this man (who is searching for his nephew)
Machine he perfected (abbreviation accepted)

Killed by this man

The man who killed him used this as the murder weapon
Originally Portrayed by

Portrayed in 2016 remake by

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