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Forced Order
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Definition of Sdefinition
Which has more Ionization Energy?I or Xe
Which has more electron affinity?S or P?
Something with the same amount of Shielding?P
What is the amount of shielding?Ge
Which has more ionization energyCa or Sr
What is the effective nuclear charge?Kr
Which has more Z*?Si or S?
How many core electrons?In
Definition of Zdefinition
What is the value of S?F
Which has a larger atomic radius?Sb or I?
Which has more electron affinity?Na or K
What is the value of Z?Br
How many Valence Electrons?As
Name an element with the same Z*?Ca
Which has a larger atomic radius?Si or Sn
An element with a low 1st ionization energy but a high 2nd ionization energy?Name any
What has zero electron affinity?Name any
Definition of Z*definition

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