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RoleGuest StarSeason
Herself in an ATM vestibule1
Phoebe's significant other in Minsk1, 7, 9
Chandler's mom1, 5, 7, 8
Stoned restaurant owner1, 9
Jamie Buchman1
Cute Doctor #1, thinks Monica is Rachel1
Cute Doctor #2, thinks Rachel is Monica1
Mindy Farber1, 2
Woman that Joey coaches through giving birth1
Ross's Girlfriend, Julie1, 2
Phoebe's gay husband2
Rachel's mom2, 8
Chandler's childhood friend, 'Susie Underpants'2
Joey's stalker who thinks he's Dr. Drake Ramoray2
Guy that hires Phoebe to sing children's songs2
Ross's monkey informant at the zoo2
Himself - Rachel's and Monica's love interest2
Monica's significant other, Richard2, 3, 6
Chandler's crazy new roommate, Eddie2
Phoebe's half-brother, Frank2, 3, 4, 5, 10
Phoebe's navy guy who shares her chicken pox2
Phoebe/Ursula's stalker3
Herself - a celebrity that Ross was given permission to sleep with3
Monica's millionaire boyfriend, Pete3
RoleGuest StarSeason
The screamer that Rachel dated3
Accented coffee shop guy with a cheating wife3
Gynecologist sleeping with his^ wife3
Ross's bald girlfriend3
Phoebe's biological mom, Phoebe Sr.3, 4
Encyclopedia salesman, sells Joey the V4
The dirty girl that Ross dated4
Himself - Catches Joey using his shower4
Herself - The Duchess of York Joey Met4
The London vendor who sells Joey a hat4
Guy that Rachel annoys on flight to London4
Himself - Host of PBS telethon instead of Joey5
The girl who hits Joey5
Phoebe's cop boyfriend, Gary5
Joey's female roommate, Janine6
Himself - Phoebe thought she made out with him6
Rachel's sister, Jill, that Ross dated6
Ross's student/girlfriend's father, Paul6
Joey's one-night stand that befriends Rachel and Phoebe7
Phoebe's suicidal telemarketing customer7
Joey's DOOL co-star that played his brain donor7
Girl that simultaneously dates Ross and Joey7
Ross's cousin that he gets too close with7
Girl that Rachel kissed in college7
RoleGuest StarSeason
Chandler's dad7
Joey's drunken co-star in WWI film7
Ross's girlfriend while Rachel is pregnant8
Ursula's ex-fiance that Phoebe dates8
Ross's high school friend that hated Rachel8
Herself, Sting's wife8
Phoebe's overly enthusiastic date8
Phoebe's husband, Mike9, 10
Emma's male nanny9
Rachel's other sister, Amy9, 10
Chandler's Tulsa co-worker on Christmas9
Rachel's co-worker/love interest after maternity leave9
Actor who is impressed when Joey holds it9
Charlie, paleontologist that comes between Ross and Joey9, 10
Monica and Chandler's potential sperm donor9
Phoebe and Monica's annoying, old rommate, Amanda10
Charlie's ex that breaks up her and Ross10
The birth mother of Monica and Chandler's Twins10
The crying stripper at Phoebe's bachelorette party10
Himself, the host of 'Pyramid'10
The girl that came between Ross and Chandler in college10
Little girl that helps Joey deal with Monica and Chandler's move10
Monica and Chandler's real estate agent10

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