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Can you name the answers to these Brady Bunch trivia questions (challenging)?

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Name the competing detergents in the Bradys' failed TV commercial.
Name the elite school club Peter's volcano exploded on.
What was for dinner the day Peter decided to impersonate Humphrey Bogart?
Mike and Carol dressed as these historical characters for a costume party.
The winning costumes at the party were...
Marcia fell in love with a boy who loved insects. His name was...
Bobby broke a safety monitor's rule to save a cat named...
Peter reluctantly played this character in a school play about the American Revolution.
The Bradys took a family vacation to what amusement park?
When the kids caused Alice to quit, what was the name of the maid who replaced her?
Marcia was sent to the principal's office for allegedly drawing a picture comparing her teacher to what animal?
Peter got his first job in a bike shop owned by a man named...
Jan thought she won an essay contest. The actual winner was...
Greg didn't choose Marcia or his girlfriend to be head cheerleader. He chose this girl.
Cindy accidentally gave away one of Marcia's most precious possessions, which was a...
Who threw the football that hit Marcia in the nose?
Carol opened the Hawaiian gift shop bag and found a tarantula. She had hoped to find this.
'Mom always says,...' what?
Name the precocious cousin who came to live with the Bradys in the final season.
This son of famous parents appeared as Marcia's crush in season 1.
A kid named Buddy bullies this Brady.
It's NFL star Deacon Jones to the rescue when this Brady is teased for being in glee club.
Mike imparted this Latin lesson to Greg during his used car buying experience.
Bobby beats Greg in a contest to do the most of these.
Who finally ends up with the attic bedroom?

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