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State in which Bella used to livea
Last name of Bella's friend from La Push, or his dadb
Bella's fatherc
Final book in Twilight Saga, Breaking ____d
Third book in Twilight Sagae
Small town in Washington, where Bella movesf
Member of Denali Coven, Kate's mateg
Last name of Rosalie and Jasper (not Cullen!)h
Bella's given namei
One of Bella's friends from Forks High Schoolj
Member of the Amazon Covenk
Pretend leader of Victoria and James, killed by Jacob in New Moonl
Last name of Twilight's authorm
Second book in the Twilight Sagan
State where Esme was borno
Occupation of Bella's fatherp
Name of Jacob's tribeq
Bella's childr
Forks High School team names
Edward's special powert
Sam ____, leader of the La Push packu
Leader of the vampiresv
What Jacob turns out to be w
First name of the Australian actor expected to play Riley in the third film x
Last name of Sam's fiancee, who has three long scars across her cheeky
Another member of the Amazon Covenz

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