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QUIZ: Can you name the the words with the definition before and after a T is put in?

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No TAnswerT word
Simian creatureDuct, Masking, Scotch
Enables hearingTo rip
A surface like this isn't smooth, and usually bumpyHolds water and food for animals
A banisterBeing behind
Soon to comeTime usually dedicated to sleep
Compact texture for sharpening cutting tools, pluralNever tells lies
In drama class, you learn how to do thisKnowing what to say or do without being offensive
ElderlyTo be informed of something, past tense
Instrument with a sharp, bladed head, pluralYou must pay these monthly
Common form of precipitationTransportation on tracks
No TAnswerT word
A mistakeIntense fear
The hind part of an animal's bodyThe highest suit in a deck of cards
To tangle or entangleTo go places
A few types of this broad category are drama, painting and musicA sharp, bitter taste
Someone who is literate has the ability to do thisTo set down the foot while walking
Showing unaffected simplicity of nature, and absence of artificialityThe place or environment in which a person was born
A document conferring some honour or privilegeSomeone appointed by the government to maintain economic, political and social relations with other countries
A person who works with hoisting tackle, scaffolding or cranesFires bullet from a gun with the press of a finger

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