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These Parrasites have a bad habit of breaking out of peoples chestsA
Many movies have been made after this superheroB
An old book inspired all of these films about a rich, greedy old manC
A classic black and white vampire movieD
An Earthling helps a stranded alien return homeE
This dramatic comedy shows that you don't have to be the brightest person around to succeed in life. starring Tom HanksF
A classic musical starring John TravoltaG
Takes place at a school of witchcraft and wizardryH
An archeologist goes on an adventure...with only a hat and a whipI
A famous shark movie, baa-dum. baa-dumJ
Movie with Will Ferrell as a soccer coach, trying to show his father who's boss K
Keep it away from the creeper. Myyyyy precioussssss...L
Two secret agents try to track down an alien organization on EarthM
A high school loser tries to help his friend win class presidencyN
In this new horror film, a child with a terrible secret goes on a killing spree O
Two hitmen, a gangsters wife and a boxer, come together in this crime movie starring John TravoltaP
The most recent James Bond movieQ
An underdog boxer gets a chance to fight a heavyweight championR
The first three were made in the 20th century...or should I say the last threeS
Robots try to take over the world, and only one man can defeat themT
An old man goes on a journey with a fat little scout, to see South AmericaU
This small town alienates itself from the world, and pretends to be living in the 1800'sV
This animated robot cleans up the planet, with a little help from it's crushW
A team of mutants battles another team of mutantsX
Zed, a prehistoric would-be hunter, eats from a tree of forbidden fruit and is banished from his tribeY
A San Francisco cartoonist tries to track down a killer in this dramatic thriller starring Robert Downey jr.Z

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