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Can you name the Elven relations (YES, ALL OF THEM) of Arwen Undómiel, Elf-maid from Lord of the Rings?

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Older brother
Older brother
Paternal uncle
Paternal grandfather
Paternal great-grandfather (only Man to become an Elf)
Paternal great-grandmother (built secret way out of Gondolin)
Paternal great-great-grandmother (only Vanya to fall under the Doom of Mandos, died on the Grinding Ice)
Paternal great-great-grandfather (king of Gondolin)
Paternal great-great-great-uncle (2nd High King of Ñoldor in Beleriand, saved Maedhros from Morgoth)
Paternal great-great-great-aunt (got lost in Nan Elmoth, killed by husband while protecting her son)
Paternal great-great-great-uncle (the Dark Elf, ensnared and married above, only Avar we care about)
Paternal first cousin thrice removed (son of above betrayed Gondolin)
Paternal great-great-great-uncle (youngest brother of this clan, not in Silmarillion)
Paternal great-great-great-grandfather (1st High King of Ñoldor in Beleriand)
Paternal great-great-great-grandmother (wife of above, left behind but got granddaughter back!)
Paternal grandmother
Paternal great-uncle (left in forest to die in Second Kinslaying)
Paternal great-uncle (left in forest to die in Second Kinslaying)
Paternal great-grandmother (killed in Second Kinslaying; spouse obsessed with shiny things)
Paternal great-grandfather (2nd & last King of Doriath due to his obsession with shiny things, killed in 2nd Kinslaying)
Paternal great-great-grandmother (prettiest non-Ainu ever, actually stole the Silmaril the Fëanorions never got)
Paternal great-great-great-grandfather (1st King of Doriath, killed by obsession with shiny things
Maternal grandfather
Maternal great-uncle (also paternal great-great-uncle, father of #21, brother of above)
Maternal great-grandfather (father of above, namesake of Lothlórien's capital)
Maternal great-great-grandfather (father of above, brother of Telerin kings, funny name)
Maternal grandmother
Maternal great-uncle (orig. owner of Ring Aragorn gives to Arwen)
Maternal great-uncle (held Dorthonion against Morgoth)
Maternal great-aunt (wife of above)
Maternal first cousin once removed (son (or brother???) of above)
Maternal second cousin (loved Túrin Turambar)
Either brother of above OR son of #11, etc. (you know who he is)
Maternal great-uncle (held Dorthonion against Morgoth)
Maternal great-great-grandfather (High King of Ñoldor that picked up the pieces of the Flight)
Maternal great-great-grandmother (whose brother-in-law attacked her dad)
Maternal great-great-great-grandfather (Telerin King)
Maternal great-great-uncle (THAT ONE- currently in Mandos raving about shiny things with Boromir)
Maternal great-great-aunt (who holds the record for Most Family Currently in Mandos at any given time)
Maternal first cousin twice removed (one of 7 kids, bad luck with hands)
Maternal first cousin twice removed (only Fëanorion still alive)
Maternal first cousin twice removed (loved hunting, tried to impede the only successful Silmaril theft from Morgoth, betrayed by dog)
Maternal first cousin twice removed (friend of the Haladin, quickest to anger of the brothers)
Maternal first cousin twice removed (most like his father in form, face, and name)
Maternal first cousin twice removed (the twin no one cares about)
Maternal first cousin twice removed (biggest accomplishment was accidentally getting burned alive by his dad)
Maternal second cousin once removed (tried NOT to be like his grandpa but still made a bunch of shiny things that almost doomed Middle-earth)
Erm... Really distant first Ñoldorin ancestor, I give up! Currently in Mandos with all the Elves killed by his favorite son
Really distant first Vanyarin ancestor silly enough to marry a Ñoldo related to Fëanor (aka wife of above)

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