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Can you name the soundtrack songs that are playing when certain events occur in the Matrix movies??

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EventSoundtrack TitleMovie
The first movie opens and Trinity embarks on an epic flight from an Agent
Neo wakes up for the first time in the real world
Neo and Trinity break through security to rescue Morpheus
Neo and Trinity rescue Morpheus
Neo dies (take 1), falls in love, comes back, is the One, explodes Agent Smith, and makes the Matrix temporarily shut down!
Neo fights 10 gazillion Smiths
The freeway chase!
Trinity dies (take 1) but Neo explodes the building, catches her, takes the bullet out, and restarts her heart by hand!
The song that plays in the Merovingian's club as Trinity, Morpheus, and Seraph confront him to make him release Neo from Mobil Ave
Kid opens the gates for Niobe into Zion
Trinity dies (take 2)
Neo and Smith have their climactic showdown and Neo lets himself be assimilated by Smith so the machines can destroy him and agree to peace, so Neo dies (take 2)
Zion is safe! The war is over! Neo's code is returned to the Source, the Matrix reboots, and Sati makes him a beautiful sunrise (the second sunrise he missed).

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