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Can you name the FML posts Star Wars characters might have made?

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Forced Order
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FML PostCharacter
Found the Chosen One but was denied training him, got in trouble with the council for it, and then died. FML
Watched my Master die, watched my old Padawan turn evil and destroy the Jedi, had to exile myself to protect his son, and was killed by him. Some thanks! FML
Was born into slavery, missed my mother terribly, couldn't save her, was tricked by a Sith Lord, caused my wife's death by trying to save her, and died fulfilling my destiny. FML
Was used as the prototype for clones. FML
My true love turned evil because he was trying to save me, destroyed my government, and tried to kill me, so I died anyway- of a broken heart. FML
Just wanted to live a nice, peaceful, domestic life helping my mistress but got dragged into the middle of two galactic wars with a memory wipe in between. FML
Spent 14 years turning the Chosen One, who survived a war, only to have him lose his limbs on the first day as a Sith. Then he turned good and killed me. FML
FML PostCharacter
Was forced to admit the occasional necessity of bending the Jedi Code and then killed by that boy- I knew he was trouble! FML
Watched the Republic crumble, lost a good friend, raised her daughter, then was killed and had my planet blown up by her father. Some thanks. FML
Had myself kidnapped, my foster parents killed, my planet blown up, my boyfriend frozen in carbonite, then found out the guy who did that, my enemy, is my father. FML
Was a slave, watched my son risk his life in a podrace, had him taken from me while I stayed behind, was killed so he'd turn evil, and never got to finish 'I love you'. FML
Accompanied my master (and friend) to do evil Sith duties, saw his wife die, spent the next two decades protecting her kids from their dad, and couldn't tell anyone! FML
Grew up restricted on a crime-ridden planet, kissed my sister, had my hand cut off by my father, had both my mentors die, and had my father die right as he was redeemed. FML
Complain a Jedi does not. (Though much to complain about I would have.)

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