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What pollution is released from numerous, widely dispersed origins (ex. car exhaust)?
What pollution is released from a single, clearly identifiable site (ex. hot water from power plant)?
Is non-point-source or point-source pollution easier to manage?
Major Sources of Pollutants
Ways to Measure Air Pollution
Ways to Measure Water Pollution
One Way to Measure Soil Pollution
Name for measure of amount of DO needed to break down organic material in given volume of water through aerobic biological activity
Is the above measure a measure of air, soil, or water pollution
For how many days does an experiment to determine the above measure run?
Name for plants/animals that by presence, abundance/scarcity & chemical composition demonstrate a part of an environment's character or quality
Do all aquatic invertebrates have the same pollution tolerance?
A biotic index helps assess water quality based on what organisms present in water?
Biotic index water quality ratings (from worst to best, no 'and')
Some lifestyle changes that would reduce pollution-causing activities if adopted
Ways to Regulate and Reduce Pollutants at Emission Point
Human Factors Affecting Approach to Pollution Management
Things to Do with Solid Domestic Waste
Some Plants (Other than Algae) That Proliferate Because of Eutrophication
Main Eutrophication-Causing Nutrients (names, not chemical formulas)
Steps in the Process of Eutrophication in Order (after algal/other plant bloom)

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