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3 Main Grain Crops
Do the 3 main grain crops need to be replanted each year?
Which is a more efficient use of resources & uses less, raising grain or meat for people food?
In addition to livestock, does industrial agriculture produce monocultures (single crop) or polycultures?
Is industrial agriculture found in developed or developing countries?
Is industrial agriculture high- or low-input?
Common Plantation Crops
Is plantation agriculture found in developing or developed countries?
Are plantation agriculture crops exported to developing or developed countries?
Types of Traditional Agriculture (one word)
Technology Used by Traditional Intensive Agriculture
Does traditional subsistence agriculture produce a surplus to sell?
Does traditional intensive agriculture produce surplus to sell?
Steps to Green Revolution (short phrases/words)
Did 1st Green Revolution happen in developed or developing countries?
Is 2nd Green Revolution happening in developed or developing countries?
Development of higher-yield crops of (blank) started the Second Green Revolution.
Types of Agriculture from Least to Most Food Output for 1 Energy Unit
Types of Organic Fertilizer
What nutrient do legumes restore to the soil?
Types of Inorganic Fertilizer
What greenhouse gas do inorganic fertilizers release?
Do inorganic fertilizers add humus to soil?
Are inorganic fertilizers expensive?
Do inorganic fertilizers increase or reduce soil's ability to hold water
Do inorganic fertilizers increase or reduce organic matter in soil?
Do inorganic fertilizers increase or reduce soil's oxygen content?
Is runoff from inorganic fertilizer a problem for lakes?
When diet is low in calories & protein (a.k.a. starvation)- not 'hunger', sorry!
When diet has plenty of calories but not enough protein?
Most Deficient Vitamins/Minerals in Undernourished People
UNICEF's Hunger Solutions
Ways to Feed the World
How much food (%) is wasted through spoiling/poor processing/plant waste?
Is moderate grazing good for vegetation?
Is overgrazing a common problem in pastures?
Government Agricultural Policy
What country does Dr. Bajwa's native state (in her native country) border?

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