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Can you name the stories (movies, plays, books, series, etc.) by their seemingly obvious morals?

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Do not create artificial intelligence powered by a power source critical to human civilization and then anger said artificial intelligence.
If you must create artificial intelligence, at least program it with a 'mistake acceptance' program and do not give it full control over your spaceship.
Do not go down just one more level to see what will happen.
Do not try to woo men with love potion, especially if you would be forced to leave a possible child at a possibly cruel orphanage that could cause him to become evil should he find
Do not kill anyone. Do not marry women considerably older than you. If you must kill someone, when taking over a kingdom, ask who ruled it before and how they died.
Never try to interpret Sandwich's prophecies- you're always wrong. Be careful around grates in laundry rooms. Don't tick off other animal species.
When creating a universe, do not bind it to you so that you can self-destruct if you wish without taking the universe with you.
Never trust anyone who knows anything about Halla, not even dumb kids you've gone to school with your entire life.
Do not keep people with dangerous ties to potentially evil emperors in the dark about important things everyone else knows. They might get mad and strengthen those ties....
Stay with your sister and don't wander off, no matter what type of strange animals you see.
Check to make sure someone is being tortured before you risk your life saving him- perhaps with any communication devices he gave you that you never opened because you were trying

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