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Can you name the Arabic vocabulary from Al Kitaab Chapter 13, using all vowels except sukuun, ْ (read game note)?

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English Translationكلمة عربية
Position, job
He found
He finds
He finished (something)
He desired, wished to
Appropriate, suitable
Likewise, also
Article (ex. in a newspaper)
He settled down, became stable
Finishing (something)
He failed at
Opportunity, chance
I think that
Longing for one's native land, feeling of being a stranger
Failing at
He dismissed, fired (from a job)
It means
He attends
He thought that
English Translationكلمة عربية
I thought that
He encouraged (someone) to
Dismissing, firing (from a job)
I finish (something)
I continue to
Desiring/wishing to
Positions, jobs
I desire/wish to
He attended (ex. a lecture)
He came to
Magazine, journal
Opportunities, chances
In front of, before
I dismiss, fire (from a job)
I did not find (first in alphabetical order)
I did not find (second in alphabetical order)
Thinking that
At last, finally

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