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Miss Hoover's first name?
Doctor Hibbert's dog's name?
What instrument does Wendell play?
Bart's Middle Name?
Lisa's Middle name?
Homer's e-mail address?
Mr. Burns' social security number?
Name of Lisa's horse?
Now, Bart's horse?
Selma's full name?
The giant catfish Homer catches?
McBain's Mortal enemy?
What is Bart doing during Nelson's first ever 'Ha ha'?
Nelson's middle name?
What food does Nelson's father have allergies to?
Name one of Ned Flanders' cousins?
Krusty the Klown's Full name?
Name of Apu's beloved firebird?
Name of Mr. Burn's mother?
Name of Homer's Half-brother?
Abraham Simpson's mother's name?
.....His Father's?
Name one of Abraham Simpson's brothers.
Springfield's State Pasta?
Current Governor of whichever state Springfield is in?
The only previously mentioned Governor before the above answer?
....and what was named after him?
Famous Springfield Fried Chicken?
Bart's Blood type?
Sideshow Bob's middle name?
Mr. Burns' monkey's name?
What disease does Rod Flanders have?
Why has Carl been cobbling shoes?
Luigi's last name?

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