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Can you name the US events occuring on April 14th?

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 1614 - These two people marry and create a bond between two cultures
 1836 - This territory was formed under Congress
 1853 - This woman helps create lines of the Underground Railroad
 1860 - First rider arrives in San Francisco from this mail service
 1865 - Abraham Lincoln is shot and killed by this actor
 1902 - This element is discovered by Marie and Pierre Curie
 1910 - This president throws the first first pitch at a baseball game
 1912 - This famous ship hits the iceberg that brought it to its demise
 1931 - This European country becomes a republic after overthrowing King Alfonso XIII
 1935 - The Dust Bowl was in full force on the name of this 'dark' day
 1955 - This black became the first to wear a New York Yankees uniform
 1974 - In the 38th Masters' golf tournament, this legendary figure won with a 277
 1981 - This first space shuttle to return to Earth... returned to Earth
 2010 - Ash from this country's volcano interrupts air traffic over Europe

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