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Who was President of the Philippines from 1965 to 1986?
Charterhouse Public School is found in which county?
Which sea is the Least Salty in the World?
What are the initials for the Human form of BSE?
If a creature is Dimersial, where does it live?
Which TV series has characters called Gracie, Sicknote and George?
What is the English Translation of the name pirate Barbarossa, Khair ad Din?
Which parliamentary constituency has Revd Ian Paisley represented since 1970?
In which country did the Sharpville massacre take place?
Which soccer star advertised Brylcreem, then had his head shaved?
What is the Surname of the Cop Maisie played by Pauline Quirke?
Which Movie Actresses second marriage was to director Sam Mendes?
Which Spice Girl advertised Milky Bars as a Child?
Mark Spitz won seven Olympic golds at record speeds doing what?
Is 0207 the dialling code for Central Manchester or Central London?
Is Holy Island off the east or west coast of England?
Whom was Tennis star Martina Hingis named after?
Who went straight to No.1 in 1981 with 'Stand and Deliver'?
Which school did Prince Harry attend when he was 13?
Which ex James Bond has 'Scotland Forever' tattooed on his arm?
Which ice dance pair have the freedom of the city of Nottingham?
Which great screen dancer is on the cover of 'Sgt Pepper' ?
What sort of security device is a Chubb?
Which football anthem was co written by Skinner and Baddiel?
Which former leader went on trial in his own country in October 2005?

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