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Conker: What? Again? Okay, can someone lend me a [...]?
Conker: You guys enjoy yourselves and all That, and I'll probably see you sometime next week. I gotta go home. I'll go this way. No, that's the [...]. I'll go this way then.
Birdy: Oh yeah. The light comes on and it makes this noise. [...]!
Conker: In fact, it would seem to me that these give me just what I need at that moment in time...ooh...I see what he means. Context sensitive. [...]! And I feel loads better!
Conker: Oh yeah! Press A to jump extra high. Then A again to do that funny [...] tail thing.
Gregg: You’re dead, but not [...].
Conker: Eat lead, mother [...]!
Conker’s thoughts (2): What a stink. I think this calls for my [...].
Jack: I’ll tell you want I'm gonna do. I say, I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do. You get rid of that freaking mouse [...] and maybe I’ll help you out.
Franky: Therefore I conclude I'm gonna kick your butt all around this barn like there's no tomorrow. I [...] gonna stick my big fork into yers.
Conker: Were your parents [...], before they were married?
Paint Pot: I've seen some kicking ass in my time, and that is the ******, crapest, [...], ***** kick ass I've ever seen.
Franky: I don't believe it. I don't appear to have a neck of any description. In fact, I ain't even got an [...].
Suzie: I'm right here, sweety pie. Just tell me where to [...].
Franky: Whaddya mean alright? Look at me! I'm broken in two! I'm just firewood from now. They'll be using me as [...] before ya know it.
Mr. Bee: Thought that might have got your attention. She's lovely. That’s why the wife kicked me out. All I wanna do is pollinate her. She's got [...] like you wouldn't believe.
The Professor (2): Ah, now zis is where it gets complicated. I vas mulling over vat would fit in ze gap. I tried many zings. I tried elephants, [...], uh, many zings.
Cow: Ooh. Ooooh. Oh, I say, this is far from dignified. Oh, I hope Mavis and [...] don't see this, or I'll never hear the end of it.
Mrs. Catfish: There's this awful, awful brute swimming around. He's terrible, and he's stolen our valuable belongings. We need somebody [...] to go in and, well, get rid of him.
Conker: Well, [...] to you then! I gotta watch out for myself!
Other Catfish: Don't worry, dear. He's as common as [...]. Commoners talk like that. It's dreadful, isn't it?
Evil Cog: Aaaaaaahhh. Fan-[...]-tastic!
Conker: Oh no. A [...], big-bullocked, boiler. That's all I need.
Beetle: He was just walkin along minding his own business So I stood there and I said 'Hey, [...]! How'ya doin there, like, mate?' And he waved over
Great Mighty Poo: Now I'm really getting rather mad. You're like a niggly [...] **** little tag nut.
Short break: Felatio?
Conker: A job? Oh yeah, cool, but I mean, I’m gonna have to… I’ll have to [...] it first. What is it? What do I have to do?
Caveman 1: Haha! [...], the stupid bastard, fell off!
Buga: Brown [...] time!
Conker: Big [...], my ass!
Conker: No, I’ll be good. I’ll be really good. I’ll be a new squirrel. The drink’s out. Whatever you heard about me, it’s not true. It’s totally [...].
Conker: Chew on this, buzz [...]!
Conker: And what was that about an ancestor? Undead ancestor. Well, if he’s undead then technically that makes him kinda [...].
Conker: Huh! He’s not kidding there! Okay, I’ll just cross this [...] here. I’m sure that’s of some significance, I can’t think what it is. Anyway, nice hairdo.
The Count: Mmmm... my forefather. He vas a crusader in a war of long ago. When ve were allies... vit ze squirrels and ze [...]. Zat union, alas! Vas not successful.
Sergeant: Sign up at the nearest signing- up station. Should be one near you. But remember, soldier, your country will be [...] to you.
Sergeant: That’s better, form a nice line...oh! There’s only one of you, right, son...we have a problem. At 08:30 boat must said destination. Then! At 08:[...], wai
Conker: No, I’m not the janitor, and can we please have this conversation somewhere else? I think I’m starting to [...].
Surgeon 2: What the ****? It’s that bloody squirrel! Quick, into [...]!
Rodent: Oh yeah, it’s experiment number G7224. I’m the first to be fitted with this. It’s an indestructible, erm, [...] laminate.
Conker: Oh, well. In for a penny, in for a [...], I suppose.
Little girl: Now, then, lesson one. [...]. This is my mini-gun. It fires 8000 rounds per second brass cased 8mm with Tungsten alloy heads and high explosive charge.
Little girl: Now this is very special! High energy, inverted [...] laser, with a six-pronged attack.
Short break 2: Is Roden an idiot (in Conker's mind at least)?
Weasel (3): Am I interrupting something here? When you two little lovebirds are finished with your reunion [...] ****, maybe we can get on with the job at hand, please.
Conker: Unless he’s the fabled Panther King! But he lives just in stories, like my mum used to tell me to get me to sleep! Looks like he was real after all. The [...] Panther Kin
Panther King: Such loyalty...[...]! Get rid of her!
The Professor: You see the power of liquid nitrogen, mixed with [...], two parts petrol.
Conker: Hello? What’s going on? Is this a joke? The game’s locked up! Ha! I don’t believe it! What! Is it the [...] department’s day off or somethin’?
Paint Pot: Heh, heh, king! You couldn’t be king of a [...]!
Bartender: A man of [...]. There you go.
Yay, you've made it! Want to go to the Cock and Plucker?
Good but first, you'll have to answer my question. You're okay with that?
What is the British slang of money used once in Conker's Bad Fur Day?

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