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Be sure to write the specific word said in the cutscene!

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Conker: Well, there I am! [...] the king.
Phone: Hi, you've reached, like, [...]'s place.
Skinny Guard: More [...], sire?
Conker: Beardy? But you haven't got a [...].
Conker: If for whatever reason you want to skip all these wonderful cutscenes, then just press the [...] button.
Conker: Isn't it a little bit early in the day to start talking about [...] architecture?
Panther King: I don't want to have to get the [...] tape out again.
Wasp 1(With Cigar): Hey! Some wise guy is trying to steal our nice new [...].
Beetle 1: I reckon we should get down there and [...] the **** out of him.
Birdy: What seems to be the problem? Oh yes! You need [...].
The Professor: And when my [...] are ready, then, my lord, we will see who uses the duct tape!
Burt: I'll open the [...] for you here, and you can get on with what is it ever you're trying to do.
Conker: Yeah you! Apparently there's something real neat inside this [...]. I can't quite see it myself.
Conker: Well, I never! It's a talking [...].
Giant Hay: Buff you, [...].
Mr. Bee: Couldn't fit in the **** thing anyway. Seen how [...] she is.
Conker: A bounce? O..k...Now this is what I call a [...] game!
The Professor: Ve need a squirrel...and ve put You no [...] your milk, ve don't get duct tape.
Conker: Woah...heh...friendly type. I'm looking for some [...]...I know it sound pretty strange, but...
Mrs. Catfish: Let me handle it, dear. Listen here. You! Listen to me. We'll give you [...] percent, and that's our final offer!
Bad Cog: Either bring me back me missing [...], or **** off!
Fire Imp 2: Flamable! Oooh I like [...]! What do we do?
Big Boiler: Balls of [...], sir! Polished to the nth degree!
Great Mighty Poo: When I've knocked you out with all my [...], I'm going to take your head and ram it up my butt!
Conker: Hey, maestro! Don't you think that's a little bit too [...]?
Weasel : So! This is the [...] guy that tried to steal my dough. Whaddya gotta say for yourself, boy?
Cave Woman: Oh, but he’s so cute, though. He’s got a larger [...] than you.
Mr. Barrel: A [...], yeh! Let’s go for a [...].
Gregg : Bloody undead! Unbloody dead! I mean it’s even worse than bloody [...]!
The Count: No. I never drink [...].
Sergeant: That’s right. It’s war once again. Your country needs you now, boys. We are fighting an [...] like we have never encountered before.
Soldier 1: Yeh, we’ve been locked down here for the last ten hours. Murder holes up there. [...] gun nests, you gotta clear them out, boy!
Rodent: Oh, a [...]! It’s a class twenty-two as well. I haven’t got one of them yet.
Little girl: Ah! [...]! I think you’re already familiar with these. Mark twos this time, however! Fur-guided. With multiple warheads.
Conker: He was a great guy, a superb soldier, a military tactician, and yet, he was mortal, like the rest of us. But at least we showed that [...] who's boss.
Conker: Oh no! Where did the [...] go? I was sure that was the final level. Ah well, obviously not. Rodent! Rodent! Hey, it’s good to see ya, man. What happened?
Weasel: Whoa! I thought I told you to leave [...]. But seein’ as you’re here, anyways, we have a little job for you!
The Professor: The incubation period is just about complete! Not a moment too soon! Yes, my [...], let us kill two birds vit one stone!
Conker: Alright, yeah, hello. Right, here’s the plan! I wont tell anyone there’s been a lockup, quite a bad one at that, left in the [...].
Conker: The grass is always [...], and you don’t really know what it is you have until it’s gone.
Bonus : What is the combination that opens the safe door during the Bat's Tower chapter?

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