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Can you name every girl's name mentioned in the songs of Ben Folds and Ben Folds Five?

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LyricGirl's NameSong Title
I'll sing a song and it won't be the blues / I don't miss ____[Name] (1995)
Dave's been a mess since ____ left / Just sits at home and beats back deathWhere's [Name] B.? (1995)
And ____ still wears her stupid dressWhere's [Name] B.? (1995)
Where ya been? Hey ____, where ya been?Where's [Name] B.? (1995)
Try not to think about it, ____ / Try not to think about it anymore[Name] (1995)
____, remember second grade? Said you couldn't stand my faceOne Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces (1997)
And you can see the daisies in her footsteps / Dandelions, butterflies / I wanna be ____![Name] (1997)
He's charmed everyone here / Except for ____ Steven's Last Night in Town (1997)
Won us over with stories / About ____Steven's Last Night in Town (1997)
There you are with ____, you're bouncing on her kneesEddie Walker (1998)
This one's you and ____ / Well she couldn't come, she says helloEddie Walker (1998)
'Cause ____ don't walk in time / She's not the same, that's all you can say[Name] (1998)
For the benefit of Tom and ____, before our guests arrive...Tom & [Name] (1998)
____ says 'Here they come' / And all the chatter and the smiles have come undoneTom & [Name] (1998)
____, be ____ / You're better that way, not when you're trying / Imitating something you think you saw[Name] (1999)
LyricGirl's NameSong Title
And my parents, they remained / At the shack with ____, and my aunt, and my grandpa, and brotherLullabye (1999)
And so, ____ waits, ____ waits, ____ waits / For a call from a friend[Name] Waits (2001)
____ spelled without an 'h' was getting bored / On a Peavea amp in 1984Zak and [Name] (2001)
Black tears are fallin', fallin' / Losing ___ / And there's nothing I can doLosing [Name] (2001)
There was always someone carrying / Always, someone's carrying ____Carrying [Name] (2001)
____ walks into a room / Because she does, it's not the same roomFired (2001)
And you will always have a part of me / Nobody else is ever going to see, ____ Girl[Name] (2005)
____, could anyone be loved anymore than I love you?Give [Name] My Notice (2005)
I once had a b**** named ____ / Used to be up in them guts like everydayB****es Ain't S*** (2006)
____ is calling from Connecticut / She says you've got the number[Name] From Connecticut (2008)
Some of the girls are down at the mall / ____'s got cherry cola and scotchThe Sound of the Life of the Mind (2012)
Later on it's everyone around to ____'s / Her parents are away in New YorkThe Sound of the Life of the Mind (2012)
____, well, she just can't bear / The stupidity, the boredom, the grindThe Sound of the Life of the Mind (2012)
____ and DNAThe Sound of the Life of the Mind (2012)
____ and JFK, it's noisy up thereThe Sound of the Life of the Mind (2012)

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