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First Inductee 
Long Time Wrestler and Manager 
Inducted by Ernie Ladd 
1st WWE Champion 
Native American 
pencil-neck geek 
Wrestler turned announcer 
First African American to run a major arena in the United States 
One of the top stars in Capitol Wrestling and early WWWF 
First African American booker. 
Crazy Gimmick 
Inducted by his son, Scott 
First Women inducted into the Hall of Fame 
Long time heel manager 
First Triple Crown Champion 
First Tag Team inducted into the Hall of Fame 
Inducted by Gorilla Monsoon 
First person to play Super Mario 
Dived off a 20 foot cage 
Trained Triple H 
First Intercontinental Champion 
Founder of the WWE 
Body Slam Challenge 
Did skits with Mr. Fuji on Tuesday Night Titans 
Wrestled at the first Wrestlemania and the first Starcade 
8 Time NWA Champion 
Top star in Midsouth Wrestling 
Main Evented Wrestlemania 7 against Hulk Hogan 
Won the WWWF Title from Bruno Sammartino 
Wrestled at the first 9 Wrestlemanias, the last one was a dark match 
The greatest manager in the history of Wrestling 
First Celebrity inductee 
One of the biggest stars in the history of Professional Wrestling 
Fought Mr. T at Two Wrestlemanias 
Father of RKO 
Manager in WWE, WCW & TNA 
Main Evented Wrestlemania 1 
Russian National Athem 
Beat Bob Backlund for the WWE Championship 
Best there is, Best there was and Best there ever will be 
Tag Team 
Inducted by Three People 
Long time announcer for AWA, WWE & WCW 
Only women to hold the WWE & AWA Women's Championship 
Promotor of AWA 
One half of the first African American Tag Champions 
Celebrity inductee 
Tag Team 
3 Time NWA World Champion 
Absolutely Perfecf 
Raw Announcer 
WWE Announcer 
AWA Champion 
Hardcore before Hardcore was cool 
16 Time World Champion 
Tag Team 
The Rock's Grandfather 
The Rock's Father 
Wrestled in 8 Decades, Women Wrestler 
Florida Championship Wrestling Promotor 
Voice of the NWA 
First Family inducted 
Biggest Draw in WWE History 
Ric Flair's Greatest rival 
Booker for Mid South Wrestling 
First Ring Announcer inducted 
Tag Team 

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