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Forced Order
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AThe area at least 15' long, on which the player walks to the foul line.
ASighting targets embedded in the lane to help the player align start position. Usually 15' down the lane from the foul line.
BThe path of the arm behind the body during the next to last step in the delivery.
CThe number of pins knocked down on the first ball.
FTouching or going beyond the line at the start of the alley.
FOne-tenth of a game.
GBall delivery which rolls off the lane.
Begins WithWordDefinition
GThere are 2 channels on each side of the lane.
HA ball that breaks sharply toward the pocket.
LPins remaining after the first delivery.
PArea between 1-2 pins for a lefty and 1-3 pins for a righty.
SKnocking down all remaining pins in the second ball or delivery.
SKnocking down all pins with the first ball or delivery.
TPath to the pins created by many balls rolled in the same general area.

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