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Played his guitar behind his back, with his teeth, while it was on fire. O yeah, and left-handed.
Was a true composer. Moustache. Dweezil.
Ibanez Jem. Crossroads guitar battle. G3.
Gretsch. Country picking style. Mr Sandman.
Face covered by long curly hair. Big black hat. Snakepit.
He has No Boundaries. Plays on an X-shaped 4-neck guitar. Speed kills.
Delta blues. Sold his soul to the devil to become the father of the blues.
Born in a chicken coop. Eight-finger tapping. Has his own theme-park.
Bald. Sunglasses. G3.
Gypsy. Played solo's with just two fingers. Born in Belgium.
Thinks he's the greatest öf åll time. Plays mäny årpeggiös. Metal.
Ozzy Osbourne. Black and white rings on his guitar. Long blond hair.
Has played his guitar with a drill. Likes to teach his guitar skills. Mr Big.
Played in a famous royal rockband. Built his own guitar, the Red Special.
Played very very fast. Tri-tone. Jonas Hellborg.

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