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Greek letter for the coefficient of friction
Abbreviation for a masculine title
Personal possessive pronoun
Between the title and the author of a book
Dual; as with cycling or orientation
Casual greeting
Laugh; as when proving someone wrong
6th note in the diatonic musical scale
Interjection: __ and behold
Common rap quotation
*ADD A LETTER* Who's writing this quiz?
Fruit yogurt brand
Like a wet broom
Amish GPS
A space between things; clothing brand
Choking; or a practical joke
Delay in the internet connection
Packaging for your grocery purchases
To forbid something
Sports enthusiast
A lengthy distance
*ADD A LETTER* Payment for a cab
Golfer's exclamation
Eg: Knox
Writing style on the computer
Contraction that discourages action
A hill of sand in a desert
French word for 'moon'
Natural human breathing apparatus
Each part of this ladder
Location of a boxing match
*ADD A LETTER* Carry to someone's presence
Metaphorical precipice or ledge, as of salvation
Wink with both eyes
Stunt gun prop bullet
Lateral side
Baked pastries with sweet fillings
Exclusive groups of people
Creators of pearls
Tool or action, to squeeze something
The winner
Primate classification
Sound of a bell tower
Illegal action
Hit time for TV broadcasting

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