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Evactuation of Dunkirk (1940)
Taito 1987 coin-op
and the 1988 follow up
Evacuation of Phnom Penh (1975)
Evacuation of Saigon (1975)
Attempted rescue of US hostages in Iran (1980)
Allied invasion of France, D-Day (1944)
US bombing of Libya (1986)
Allied invasion of Sicilly (1943)
Nazi invasion of USSR (1941)
Allied invasion of French North Africa (1942)
NATO-ISAF War on Terror, Afghanistan (2001- )
Defense of Saudi Arabia after invasion of Kuwait (1990)
Liberation of Kuwait (1991)
Allied attempt to capture Arnhem (1944)
US invasion of Panama (1989)
Nazi advance on Moscow (1941)
Nuclear weapons testing at Bikini Atoll (1946)
Allied invasion of Southern France (1944)
Repatriation of over 8 million US servicemen (1945)
US aerial inderdiction of North Vietnam (1972)
Cary Grant /Tony Curtis movie (1959)
Planned nazi invasion of Britain (1940
Largest airborne operation in history (1945)
US campaign on Guadalcanal (1942)
Danny Glover/Ray Liotta movie (1995)

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