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Can You Solve the Four Letter Word Ladder and Uncover the Hidden Theme?

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*One's Last Work, '____ Song'*
An Adult Goody Bag Usually Filled with Promotional Products, ____ Bag
*A Rug or Carpet with a Deep, Rough Pile*
Past Tense Meaning 'To Excrete' (Vulgar Slang)
*To Talk Easily and Informally*
Pea, Trench and Parka
*A Silly or Foolish Person*
To Prepare Food by Heating
*Tower Shaped Chess Piece*
Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic
*'Penis' (Vulgar Slang)*
Leaf Believed to Alleviate Nettle Stings
*'To Crouch'*
Guys and Dolls Number - '____ Be a Lady'
'To Skulk'
*Something Done for Fun, Mischievous*
'To Listen'
*2001 War Film Starring Josh Hartnett - 'Black ____ Down'*
'To Chop' or 'To Access a Computer Fraudulently'
2006 Amy Winehouse Hit - '____ to Black'
The Covering of a Tree
Most Widely Distributed Species of Owl
William Shakespeare's Nickname 'The ____'
*What Each Asterisked Answer Is*

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