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But this one kid, he _______ a lot of my videos and it was SO cool.
I probably love you ________
'Cuz um, some of you guys found it and I'm all like _______.
And, um, if I know you on _____ , and if you want me to make you a video just say so and I will!
And um, yeah! So... I love Addi... Addi ______
...well maybe it won't be so I'll feel _______ if it isn't but you know....
I'm **** ________ dude.
And I was ________ with the scene where Daniel was trying to climb the fence
I mean obviously a lot of people are very ______ with me right now.
You ever forget to ________? It sucks.
And um, I don't have any ________ which you edited a couple of times
And on top of that, my ________ is written down on a piece of paper
She's a failure _______!!
But let me try again with my _______ voice.
Most of you know me as Boxxy, I ________, if you're watching this you probably know me as Boxxy
I just wanted to say to that ___ who wanted to watch Across the Universe with me...
'Cuz I know you're watching this 'cuz you're such a ________ _______
I don't know what you look like! And here you are, you know what I ______ like.
Oh my god I had a _____ ______ I was like oh my god.
This is my only _______, and it's Boxxybabee with 2 e's
..not a very long time, but, a long _______ time...
I know that you all think that I do _______ , but, I don't, actually
And it says ________ _______ ______ such as I love mmmmchan...
Because I probably love you anyways, but Addi ______ _____.
My hairs ________ everywhere. I don't appreciate it.
I'm not a Gaiafag anymore, I moved on to ______ ____ _______ ______
I was in a ______, and this guy was like, 'Boxxy, I would sing Hey Jude to you...'
I think I'm going to take a break from ____ , at least until the hate calms down.
...and ______ climbed the fence faster than he did
The guy who sat for like six minutes straight, addressing me in a _______ ______
They're always wearing _______ and stuff...
And I only met him like ___ ____ ____ and we're like married
And then basically after that, it was just this _____ ______ of like one thing after another....
And the first one was for _______ _______ and this one is for Ant
I love a lot of people, so I decided I was going to ______ _______ for people.
And um, and now I'm just like ________ and I'm good to go!!
And then it cost, you know, like, ______ dollars to print-em and ship-em
Because between you and me, him and ______ had like, a thing going on...
Hate to sound like a ________ _______ but I just, I just couldn't do it.
That remind's me, he has a funny ________ account
...thing that I ________ in another video that got me in trouble in the first place.
...climbed the fence faster than he did, with a _____ ____ in his hand!
And um... he goes on ______! With, um, Ant, and um, Addi, and um, Waffle....
It's like, _______, it's like, BEATLES!
He keeps _________ to my quests!
He has a ______, which is why he has a girlfriend
I had a lot of ______ from like, my videos, or not a lot I guess...
Besides this one, because this is really like my _____ _______.
I really, really _________ everything you guys have....done for me.
So, I can't ______ the fence even though I'm greek....
We are twinnies like ____ _____ ____ _____
His heart made a ____ _____ 'cuz I had to keep erasing it it really sucked
When I went on to the _________ to check up on things...
I don't know how to thank him because I'm so _____.
This calls for a ____. And here I go.
...but he has a ________ now, and I'm so excited for him...
I had an avatar a really long time ago it was a ______ avatar
What else is there to say.... oh, ______, the guy who sat for like six minutes straight...
Most of you have some sort of ______ ____ ____ ______ , even if it's not for me, it's for Boxxy...
...unless I'm like really _______ up 'cuz then its even different still from this

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