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Can you name the Gravity Falls characters?

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Male, sweaty, mystery-loving twin'When life gives you lemons, extract the juice and use it to draw a treasure map in invisible ink. That really works! Seriously!'
Female, bubbly, pig-loving twin'When life gives you lemons, draw faces on those lemons and wrap them in a blanket. Ta-daaa! Now you have lemon babies.'
Greedy con-man'When life gives you lemons, call them 'yellow oranges' and sell them for double the price.'
The author of the Journals'It's been a while sine I've been in this dimension. It's still OK to give children weapons, right?'
Big, lovable, gopher-like handyman'I'M QUESTIONY THE QUESTION MARK!'
Laid-back teenage ex-crush of Dipper'I don't know if it's a duck, or a panda, but I want one.'
Evil triangle demon that brings the apocalypse'And remember, REALITY IS AN ILLUSION, THE UNIVERSE IS A HOLOGRAM, BUY GOLD, BYE!'
'Innocent' child with an obsession of Mabel'This isn't the last you'll see of li'l.... ol'.... me....'
Local kook and technological genius'It's happening! The end times!'
Mabel's beloved pig'Oink'
Moody ex-boyfriend of Wendy'Take me back, Wendy! My arms are too skinny to keep holding this boom box forever!'
Spoiled rich valley girl with a change of heart'You were right about me. I am just another link in the world's worst chain.'
Deep voiced girl with a pet lizard'I wanna put her in a head lock and make her feel pain!'
Smart, surprisingly sadistic girl with glasses'Death to my enemies!'
Stuttering time-traveler'I'm gonna keep stammering until you find them! I--I--I--I--I--'
Future overlord that refuses to drink his cosmic sand'Let the Globnar BEGIN!'
Fighting game character that Dipper bought to life'Super power ninja turbo neo ultra hyper mega multi alpha meta extra uber prefix COMBOOOO!!!'
Obsessive video game character that falls in love with Soos'Every time you compliment me, I get another highlight in my eyes!'
Horribly awkward news reporter'Ooh, an air freshener. Finally I'll smell like a person'
Laid-back Gravity Falls sheriff'If being delightful was a crime, you'd be breaking the law!'
Extremely dim-witted Gravity Falls Deputy'I brought rope for friendship bracelets!'
Insane 8 1/2th president of the USA'Well, we didn't fit through the hole. Let's rebuild the box and try again!'
Leader of the gnomes'Is Schmebulock the only thing you can say?'

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