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Can you name the Can you name these villains before time runs out?

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Villain DescriptionVillain NameFirst Appearance
White face, red lips, green hair and a sinister laugh; a clown prince1940
A cat burglar who enjoys a game of cat and mouse1940
An actor turned shapeshifting psychopath; a man of a thousand faces1940
A crime boss, a gentleman, and a nightclub owner; always well-dressed1941
A psychiatrist who specializes in phobias; he knows what scares you1941
Former district attorney who suffered horrible scarring; two sides of the same coin1942
Zombie-like, occassional Batman villain; was born on a Monday1944
A blinded artist driven insane by a procedure to restore his sight; the quilted quicker picker upper1946
A brilliant mind obsessed with puzzles and riddles; riddle me this1948
A neuroscientist and mind-controlling criminal; gone down the rabbit hole one too many times1948
Villain DescriptionVillain NameFirst Appearance
A cryogenicist and a loving husband; he will put you on ice1959
A Batman villain at times with a thing for clocks; time is of the essence1960
A criminal who uses kites in his activities1960
A botanist with the ability to control plants; has a green thumb and a kiss of death1966
A scientist with an unfortunate transformative condition; a creature of the night1970
Centuries old and commands a group of assassins; death doesn't stop him1971
A violent criminal who tears victims limb from limb; a maneater1983
A psychiatrist who fell in love with a clown; a jester with an annoying laugh1992
The drug 'Venom' grants him immense strength; he broke the bat1993
A financier with a disfigured face from his time at Arkham; a literal loanshark2003

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