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The main character? Please use the apprentice name.
The Thunderclan medicine cat?
The Thunderclan leader?
Who is the first forest cat that Firepaw meets?
Where is the apprentices' den under?
Which rogue attacks Firepaw on his way to camp?
Name Graypaw's, Sandpaw's, and Ravenpaw's mentor in that order, using commas and 'and'
What prey does Firepaw bring to Yellowfang after fighting her?
What is used to get rid of ticks?
Who drove out WindClan? I want the name of the leader.
What attacks the ThunderClan cats when returning from the Moonstone?
The name of the loner living in the barn?
What number life did Bluestar lose?
Which elder is killed in the battle against ShadowClan
Who succeeds Lionheart as deputy?
The name of Bluestar's first deputy?
Who does Ravenpaw say killed Redtail?
How many kits did Brindleface have?
Who killed Spottedleaf?
Which cat had kits stolen by ShadowClan?
Who preceded Brokenstar as leader of ShadowClan?
What position does Yellowfang take upon returning to ThunderClan?
Firepaw' warrior name?
Graypaw's warrior name?
What will save the clan?
Fireheart' kitty pet friend?
The warrior name for the vet?
Ravenpaw's mother?
What bit off Halftail's tail?
What does Ravenpaw catch during his assessment?
Tigerclaw's two biggest supporters? List in alphabetical order and use and to separate them.
What does Yellowfang suggest for rat bites?
Brokenstar's depiuty?
What color is Brokenstar's deputy?
What is the biggest tree in ThunderClan territory?
Where did Redtail die?
Who mentors Fireheart?
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