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QUIZ: Can you name the facts about Music in Antiquity and the Dark Ages??

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What is the earliest concrete evidence of Music in History?
Who is credited with inventing solfege?
Who wrote down music during the Dark Ages?
All Gregorian Chant has what musical texture?
What militaristic event pulls us out of the Dark Ages?
The first written music is found where?
The Romans stole their musical culture from whom?
This man is credited with compiling chants, now known as Gregorian Chants
This culture is the first to have music as a vital part of everyday life
How much secular music do we have from the dark ages (approx?)
Greek music notation consisted of what?
Greeks believed that music could change a person for better or worse, a trait known as ______________.
What happened Christmas Day, 800 AD?
Whay mythical figure almost brought his wife back from the dead through music?
This Greek Philosopher believed 'new' music to be poorly written, and thus damaging to one's soul.

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