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What acronym does Homer sport on his head?
What is Homer's date of birth?
What is Homer's usual occupation?
What is the name of the episode in which Homer first appeared?
What does D'oh mean?
What is Homer's address?
Who is Homer's great-great-great-grandfather?
What colour was Homer's hair before he was bald?
What does J in Homer J Simpson stand for?
Name someone Homer has been involved with romantically.
Who's office did Matt Groening first conceive the Simpsons?
What is Homer's blood type?
What is Homer's earmuff size?
What is Homer's favourite song?
What is Homer's social security number?
Who is Homer's supervisor at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant?
Who is Homer's boss?
Who's death did Homer inadvertently cause at the Power Plant?
What does Homer apply to his head to grow hair?
How many countries has Homer been to?

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