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Can you provide the missing words for these names from Game of Thrones?

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_____ StarkWields a sword named Needle
_____ StarkWarg with the power of greensight
_____ LannisterQueen Regent
_____ TargaryenKhaleesi, the Unburnt, etc.
_____ StarkFormer Hand of the King
Syrio _____Dance Master
Theon _____Also known as Reek
Jaqen _____Faceless Man
_____ PayneKing's Justice
_____ SnowSteward in the Night's Watch
_____ DrogoDothraki Warlord
Jaime _____Kingslayer
_____ TyrellWidowed Twice
Daario _____Commander of the Second Sons
_____ MartellRed Viper of Dorne
_____ BaelishLittlefinger
_____ HalfhandSenior Ranger
_____ StarkKing in the North
_____ StarkAlso known as Alayne
_____ LannisterThe Imp
Jon _____The Greatjon
_____ TargaryenThe Beggar King
_____ FreyRed Wedding Engineer
_____ Xhoan DaxosPowerful Merchant in Qarth
_____ GreyjoyKnown as 'Asha' in the books
Hizdahr _____ LoraqFormer Slave-Trader

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