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Can you name the innovations that in some manner caused the death of their developers?

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Li Si, Prime Minister during the Qin dynasty, was executed by the same method he had devised.208 BC
Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier and his companion became the first known fatalities in an air crash when his creation failed to cross the English Channel.1785 AD
William Bullock's foot was crushed by his revolutionary version of this industrial machine. He died during the amputation operation.1867 AD
Franz Reichel jumped to his death from the Eiffel Tower while testing this invention.1912 AD
Naval architect Thomas Andrews sunk with this famous ship he designed. 1912 AD
Alexander Bogdanov died not long after contracting malaria and tuberculosis while attempting to achieve rejuvenation through this process.1928 AD
Marie Curie died from aplastic anemia caused by long term exposure to radiation from her research on radioactivity and discovery of these two new elements.1934 AD
Henry Smolinski's attempt to test this invention developed from the Ford Pinto resulted in a fiery crash. 1973 AD
Jim Fixx died after a massive heart attack while doing this fitness activity he popularized.1984 AD
Jimi Heselden fell from a cliff whilst riding this two-wheeled electric vehicle produced by the company he had recently purchased.2010 AD

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