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CivilizationLeaderLife Dates
American (I-IV)1809-1865
American (II*)1884-1962
American (IV)1882-1945
American (IV-V)1732-1799
Arab (III)c. 573-634
Arab (IV)1138-1193
Arab (V)763-809
Assyrian (V)668-c. 627 BC
Austria (II**, V)1717-1780
Aztec (I-IV)c. 1466-1520
Aztec (II*)Fictitious character
Aztec (V)c. 1398-1469
Babylonian (I-IV)c. 1810- c. 1750 BC
Babylonian (II*)Babylonian goddess
Babylonian (V)c. 634-562 BC
Brazilian (V)1825-1891
Byzantine (III, V)c. 500-548
Byzantine (IV)c. 482-565
Carthaginian (II-IV)247- c. 182 BC
Carthaginian (II, V)c. 9th century BC
Celtic (II, IV-V)Died c. 60 AD
Celtic (II)Died c. 43 AD
Celtic (III-IV)4th century BC
Chinese (I-IV)1893-1976
Chinese (II, V)624-705
Chinese (IV)260-210 BC
Danish (V)c. 935-c. 985
Dutch (III-V)1533-1584
Egyptian (I-II, IV-V)c. 1303-1213 BC
Egyptian (II-III)69-30 BC
Egyptian (IV)1508-1458 BC
English (I-V)1533-1603
English (II)1491-1547
English (IV)1819-1901
English (IV)1874-1965
Ethiopian (IV)1434-1468
Ethiopian (V)1892-1975
French (I, IV-V)1769-1821
French (II-III)c. 1412-1431
French (II, IV)1638-1715
French (IV)1890-1970
German (I, IV)1712-1786
German (II)1122-1190
German (III-V)1815-1898
Greek (I-V)356-323 BC
Greek (II*)Mythological figure
Greek (IV)c. 495-429 BC
Hittite (III)c. 1556-1526 BC
Holy Roman (IV)c. 747-814
Hunnic (V)Died 453
Inca (III, V)15th century
Inca (IV)c. 1468-1524
CivilizationLeaderLife Dates
Indian (I-V)1869-1948
Indian (II)1917-1984
Indian (IV)304-232 BC
Indonesian (V)c. 1290-c. 1364
Iroquois (III, V)15th century
Japanese (II-IV)1543-1616
Japanese (II)Shintoist goddess
Japanese (V)1534-1582
Khmer (IV)Died c. 1145
Korean (III-IV)877-943
Korean (V)1397-1450
Mali (IV)c. 1280 - c. 1337
Maya (III)Died c. 695
Maya (IV-V)603-683
Mongol (I-V)c. 1162-1227
Mongol (II*)c. 1161-1230
Mongol (IV)1215-1294
Moroccan (V)1549-1603
Ottoman (III)1258-1326
Ottoman (IV-V)1494-1566
Ottoman (IV)1432-1481
Persian (II-III)519-465 BC
Persian (II*)Mythological figure
Persian (IV-V)c. 550-486 BC
Persian (IV)c. 600-530 BC
Polish (V)1310-1370
Polynesian (V)c. 1758-1819
Portuguese (III)1394-1460
Portuguese (IV)1455-1495
Portuguese (V)1734-1816
Roman (I-IV)100-44 BC
Roman (II*)58 BC-29 AD
Roman (IV-V)63 BC-14 AD
Russian (I, IV)1878-1953
Russian (II-V)1729-1796
Russian (II)1870-1924
Russian (IV)1672-1725
Shoshone (V)1815-1884
Siamese (V)c. 1242-c. 1307
Sioux (II, IV)c. 1831-1890
Sioux (II*)1788-1812
Songhai (V)c. 1443-1538
Spanish (II-V)1451-1504
Spanish (II)1527-1598
Sumerian (III-IV)c. 2500 BC
Swedish (V)1594-1632
Venetian (V)c. 1107-1205
Viking (II)c. 990-1035
Viking (II)c. 910-c. 980
Viking (III, IV)9th century
Zuluc. 1787-c. 1828
ZuluFictitious character

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