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Urban Dictionary DefinitionTeam
Quack, quack, quack
Logo looks just like the basketball team
Probably the worst team in New York and will be for a long time
Storied NHL team that has won 13 Cups, but none since the NHL expanded beyond 6 teams
They had a HOF goalie that kept fighting, and lost to Osgood
Home to the Great One
Basically the most beast NHL team there is, though never won a Stanley Cup, since they've only been around for about 2 decades, but their just amazing
An example of how not to manage a hockey team
Used to be the worst NHL franchise, but is now one of the best
3 time Stanley Cup Champs, but won 2 in Minnesota
The worst team in the history of the NHL. They never make the playoffs and should be moved to Canada
They always end up upset and pissed off at the end of the season
Their mascot is Louie the Bear, whom is very amazing
The first expansion team to win the Stanley Cup
Urban Dictionary DefinitionTeam
Quite possibly had the worst choke ever
Worst team ever, and constantly lose to their northern neighbors
They were originally the Winnipeg Jets
They are well known for having the best, most loyal fans in all of sportdom
An NHL hockey team that was formerly called the Hartford Whalers
Canada's best NHL team
The laughingstock of Alberta
Won 3 Stanley Cups since 1995 so STFU
This team was founded in 2000 as an expansion team. Though up till now their success has lacked as a team
They have failed to win a Stanley Cup, getting whooped by the Pittsburgh Penguins every time they meet in the playoffs
The WORST hockey team EVER!!!! They are much worse than the St. Louis Blues
Their owner and former all-star has saved them in more than one way
Is there even snow this far south?
Possibly the Swedish professional team in disguise
They have made a very well-known reputation as a highly defensive team

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