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Can you name the Top 200 fantasy baseball players in 2011 according to ESPN?

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1B1St. Louis Cardinals
1B2Detroit Tigers
SS1Florida Marlins
OF1Boston Red Sox
3B1Tampa Bay Rays
1B3Cincinnati Reds
SP1Philadelphia Phillies
1B4Boston Red Sox
2B1New York Yankees
SP2Seattle Mariners
OF2Colorado Rockies
SS2Colorado Rockies
OF3Milwaukee Brewers
3B2New York Mets
1B5New York Yankees
1B6Milwaukee Brewers
SP3San Francisco Giants
1B7Philadelphia Phillies
2B2Philadelphia Phillies
OF4St. Louis Cardinals
3B3New York Yankees
SP4St. Louis Cardinals
OF5Texas Rangers
SP5Philadelphia Phillies
SP6Boston Red Sox
C1Minnesota Twins
OF6Los Angeles Dodgers
SP7New York Yankees
3B4Washington Nationals
2B3Boston Red Sox
1B8Boston Red Sox
SP8Florida Marlins
SS3New York Mets
2B4Atlanta Braves
OF7Seattle Mariners
OF8Cleveland Indians
SP9Colorado Rockies
C2Detroit Tigers
1B9Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
1B10Chicago White Sox
SP10Los Angeles Dodgers
OF9Chicago White Sox
SP11Tampa Bay Rays
OF10/3B5Toronto Blue Jays
OF11Texas Rangers
SP12Philadelphia Phillies
OF12Pittsburgh Pirates
C3Atlanta Braves
OF13Arizona Diamondbacks
C4/1B11San Francisco Giants
SP13Detroit Tigers
SP14Minnesota Twins
1B12Minnesota Twins
OF14Washington Nationals
OF15Atlanta Braves
2B5Milwaukee Brewers
SP15Philadelphia Phillies
2B6Cincinnati Reds
SP16Milwaukee Brewers
SS4Philadelphia Phillies
SP17Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
OF16Houston Astros
3B6Texas Rangers
SP18Atlanta Braves
2B7Texas Rangers
SP19St. Louis Cardinals
1B13Chicago White Sox
SS5New York Yankees
OF17Tampa Bay Rays
SP20Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
OF18Los Angeles Dodgers
SP21San Francisco Giants
RP1New York Yankees
SS6Texas Rangers
RP2Kansas City Royals
3B7Texas Rangers
OF19Minnesota Twins
RP3San Francisco Giants
2B8/3B8Atlanta Braves
SP22San Diego Padres
RP4San Diego Padres
OF20Philadelphia Phillies
OF21Arizona Diamondbacks
SP23Boston Red Sox
OF22New York Yankees
SP24Milwaukee Brewers
1B14Kansas City Royals
RP5Texas Rangers
OF23Cincinnati Reds
SP25Los Angeles Dodgers
OF24Florida Marlins
SP26Detroit Tigers
OF25Milwaukee Brewers
RP7Boston Red Sox
RP8Chicago Cubs
OF26Boston Red Sox
SP27Oakland Athletics
OF27St. Louis Cardinals
2B9Arizona Diamondbacks
SP28Chicago White Sox
SS7Arizona Diamondbacks
SS8Chicago Whitesox
SP29New York Yankees
OF28/2B10Tampa Bay Rays
SS9Los Angeles Dodgers
RP9New York Mets
3B9Chicago Cubs
SP30Los Angeles Dodgers
C5Chicago Cubs
OF29Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
3B10San Francisco Giants
SP31Tampa Bay Rays
C6Cleveland Indians
2B11Chicago White Sox
SP32San Francisco Giants
RP10Oakland Athletics
DH1Toronto Blue Jays
2B12Seattle Mariners
1B15Chicago Cubs
RP11Cleveland Indians
2B13Baltimore Orioles
DH2Boston Red Sox
OF30Cleveland Indians
SP33Toronto Blue Jays
3B11Pittsburgh Pirates
2B14Toronto Blue Jays
SP34Toronto Blue Jays
C7Arizona Diamondbacks
SP35Atlanta Braves
OF31Chicago White Sox
SP35Houston Astros
RP12Colorado Rockies
RP13Los Angeles Dodgers
2B15Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
RP14Cincinnati Reds
OF32Toronto Blue Jays
SP37Milwaukee Brewers
1B16/OF33San Francisco Giants
SP38Chicago Cubs
OF34New York Yankees
C8Oakland Athletics
3B12Baltimore Orioles
SP39Oakland Athletics
RP15Detroit Tigers
SP40Oakland Athletics
3B13Milwaukee Brewers
C9/1B17Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
C10Baltimore Orioles
SP41Arizona Diamondbacks
SS10Washington Nationals
SP42Texas Rangers
OF35Houston Astros
SP43Houston Astros
1B18/OF36Minnesota Twins
SP44St. Louis Cardinals
OF37/1B19Houston Astros
SP45Colorado Rockies
RP16Arizona Diamondbacks
RP17Milwaukee Brewers
SS11Chicago Cubs
RP18Minnesota Twins
3B14Colorado Rockies
OF38Baltimore Orioles
SP46Chicago White Sox
OF39Minnesota Twins
SP47Colorado Rockies
OF40Cincinnati Reds
RP19Philadelphia Phillies
DH4Oakland Athletics
SP48Los Angeles Dodgers
SP49San Francisco Giants
2B16Pittsburgh Pirates
RP20St. Louis Cardinals
OF41New York Yankees
SP50Tampa Bay Rays
OF42Baltimore Orioles
OF43Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
SP51Florida Marlins
C11Colorado Rockies
OF44New York Mets
RP21Baltimore Orioles
3B15Philadelphia Phillies
SP52Texas Rangers
RP22Washington Nationals
1B20Florida Marlins
C12New York Yankees
RP23Atlanta Braves
OF45Chicago White Sox
SP53Florida Marlins
SP54Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
OF46New York Mets
OF47Minnesota Twins
SP55Boston Red Sox
SS12Boston Red Sox
RP24Seattle Mariners
SP56Tampa Bay Rays
1B21Baltimore Orioles
3B16Cincinnati Reds

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