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Can you name the Boston Facts?

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Sports Teams
MLB (Baseball) 
NHL (Hockey) 
NBA (Basketball) 
MLL (Lacrosse) 
NFL (Football) 
MLS (Soccer) 
Sports Best
The Splendid Splinter (MLB) 
The Hick from French Lick (NBA) 
Golden Boy (NFL) 
#4 (NHL) 
5 MVPs, 11 Rings, 1st Black NBA Coach 
The Hooded One 
Scape Goat (Sports) 
Overbudget Engineering Project 
Curse Lifted after 86 years 
1690's, They were hung, drowned, or burnt at the Stake 
Serial Killer (named after method) 
Presidents Born in Norfolk County
Food (more like a soup) 
The Red or the White 
Favorite Beer (not really true) 
Where we park our car? 
Old Hancock Building Weather Signals
Steady Blue 
Flashing Blue 
Steady Red 
Flashin Red (summer) 
Flashing Red (summer) 
Largest Surrounding Cities
Major Highways #
South East Expressway 
128 for a while 
Big Ring Road 
Mass Pike 
Where the Tea Party was planned 
First official battle of the Revolution 
Hill it was actually fought on 
Oldest Commissioned Warship 
Oldest Wooden Building (famous Patriot horseman's house) 
This Historic Path will show you all of these 
Boston gave us the First...
Has been used for cattle grazing, hangings and Swan Boat rides 
'Shhhhhh' says the woman at the desk 
You'll need a Charlie Ticket nowadays 
Without the internet, you'd look here for the news 
You may sit in front of one of these all day, I do. 
Hello Mr. Graham Bell? Sorry, wrong number 
I walked here, you may have taken the short bus 
Leave with a BS or BA, hopefully VD free 
Charlie and the.... 
Go Kenya! or Uta Pippig 
Defeated the Pirates (Pittsburgh) 
Famous Bostonians
'He' DID have a beard 
'The Raven' 'Tell Tale Heart' 
Born in Boston, Huge in Philly, Founding Father 
Steven Tyler and his buddies 
He's seen Fire and He's seen Rain 
Leno's replacement and predecessor? 
Ben Affleck's Buddy 
Author of 'Little Women' 
Inventor, 'dash dash dash, dot dot dot, dash dash dash' 
Movies Set in Boston
Two Brothers on a mission from God, 'There was a fire fight' 
Loosely based on our Notorious Gangster 
Southie Street Tuff, Wicked Smart 
'We're gonna need a bigger boat' 
Jimmy Fallon poory represents a Sox fan 
John Travolta, water contamination 
Jeff Bridges, Tommy Lee Jones, Lots of things 'Blown' up 

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