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Can you name the characters in Rune Factory?

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A rich girl who mostly stays inside her mansion
He sells monster huts and dreams of the big city
This little half-elf girl likes to collect stones
A doctor who also makes and sells potions
While fondest of wine, this bartender also sells food
The mayor's daughter, this girl is in poor health
The mayor of Kardia, who also gives passes to the caves
This traveling salesman sells rare items for your house
This wealthy gourmet is an expert food judge
His shop sells seeds and basic accessories
This mother of two also runs the inn
The nurse at the clinic, she worries about everyone's health
This grouchy old man is Kardia's blacksmith
This wandering musician is in unrequited love
A Sechs commander who appears later in the game
A solitary, mysterious woman who lives at the inn
The cheerful young woman who owns the bathhouse
The first person to encounter the player; very helpful
This shopkeeper sells fodder and rare fruits
A little boy who likes to play pranks
A tomboyish girl who collects from your Shipping Bin
This librarian sells books on spells and crafting
This woman owns the shop on the beach, and is also a drinker
This mysterious woman spends most of her time at the Kasimir Ruins
The maid at the Sainte-Coquille mansion, she rarely leaves
This shy, bookish girl spends most of her time at the library
This kind priest is often the victim of pranks
Spends a lot of time at Carmite Cave, trying to become a treasure hunter

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