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I get _____ drivin down the freeway
I fell into a ______ ring of fire
Life is short so go on and live it cause the ____ dig it
When you say _____ at all
There might be a little ____ on the bottle
Just another _____ Saturday night
All my ______ friends have settled down
_____ on Tulsa time
All you are is _____
Should've been a ______
Sometimes I _____ God
I got a _____ on my car and one on my chest
Rockin the ____ gut
The way you ____
Give me _____ how fast will it go
Its a great day to be ____
You can't hide ______
Blow blow _____ wind blow like your never gonna blow again
Every mornin at the ____ you could see him arrive
In ____ we took a little trip
Whats a _____ gotta do
I got friends in low places where the _____ drowns
Theres somethin women like about a _____ man
Just an old half ton ______ bed Ford
May the _____ be unbroken
I like my women just a little on the ____ side
Someone said they thought they saw a _____ pull me out
I can't hide my _____ side
That big ____ poster king size bed
Breaker 1-9 this heres the _____ Duck

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